One of the first digital pet NFT P2E game with amazing rewards.

Crypto Gotchies is a free2play and play2earn NFT game in which you will need to take care of little Gotchies NFT characters and earn rewards. The game utilizes a $GOTCHI token which is used for NFT minting, buying additional items, levelling up and buying Fun Lands. Fun Lands are NFTs used for token farming and they bring passive income for their owners. Simply send Gotchie to Fun Lands and earn $GOTCHI.

Note: Crypto Gotchies($GOTCHI) is currently in pre-beta Phase, so the contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.


$GOTCHI - main ecosystem token(limited supply)

Gotchi - game characters NFT(unlimited supply)

Fun Lands - plots of land NFT(limited supply)

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